Top 15 Salesforce AppExchange Apps for 2021 - Empirical’s Selection

by Jami @ Empirical | January 27, 2020 | Marketing, CRM, Salesforce, Sales

With the many challenges that appeared in 2020, there were also many surprises, like Salesforce's acquisition of Slack.

This new year Salesforce has come supercharged, starting with the announce that...

How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

The impact that artificial intelligence has been making in marketing and business has been huge. We live in a world where it doesn’t matter where you look, you’ll see some form of AI implementation....

The Best CRM for Small Businesses: Copper

by Jami @ Empirical | December 06, 2019 | CRM, AI, Small business, Copper CRM

There are dozens of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for businesses to choose from, Salesforce and HubSpot being the most popular examples, but there are others like Freshsales,...

Why You Should Build a Customer-Centric Data Model [And How]

by Jami @ Empirical | December 04, 2019 | CRM, Data Models, Data Science, Data Sets

In this digital era, many organizations are becoming more and more dependent on (big) data. It’s not surprising since this increasing amount of information helps businesses manage their processes...

Sales Operations And Their Role In Business

by Jami @ Empirical | November 27, 2019 | CRM, Sales, Sales Operations

Finding prospective customers for their company’s products and services to then identify their challenges and needs, and ultimately find a solution for those customers. All of that and everything in...

Winter ('20) Is Coming to Salesforce

by Jami @ Empirical | August 14, 2019 | CRM, Salesforce, AI, Data Science

Valar Morghulis, Trailblazers! Are you comfortable and cozy in your Classic environment? Much like a not-to-be-named popular HBO show that just ended, Winter (‘20) is coming….and with it comes a...

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