Sales Operations And Their Role In Business

by Jami @ Empirical | November 27, 2019 | CRM, Sales, Sales Operations | 0 Comments

Finding prospective customers for their company’s products and services to then identify their challenges and needs, and ultimately find a solution for those customers. All of that and everything in between is what a salesperson does to achieve a single main goal: Sell.

With the rapid expansion of the Internet came the birth of the modern salesperson. One that leverages all the tech tools (i.e. Big Data, AI, and Data Science) to make their jobs easier. However, it may be hard to keep up with every tech innovation out there. That’s where the Sales Operations Manager comes in.

Data in sales operations
Sales Operations. Source: MarTech 

Every role, activity or process within an organization that enables sales teams to sell faster and better is referred to as sales operations. A sales ops manager is the one in charge of making sure that the right tools are being used, and proper processes are set forth to enable the sales team to be as productive, effective, and efficient as possible.

This is important to keep your sales team focused on selling since Sales Ops will make sure of maintaining good strategic alignment. At their core, a Sales Ops analyst will perform a number of activities that we’ll break down to you as follows:

Manage CRM data

There are thousands of ways to leverage CRM systems. Sales Ops can ensure that CRM works optimally for sales. A Sales Ops manager might manage leads, manage custom fields and ensuring that they are updated correctly, manage the API, and more.

Improve productivity by evaluating and implementing a Sales Stack

Sales acceleration tools help reps connect with more prospects, automatically log data in the CRM, prioritize sales leads, leverage email templates, and more. Of course, every organization has different needs, and Sales Ops adds value by evaluating and implementing the right solutions for a specific business.


CRM. Source: Marketing Land

Help sales leaders make data-driven decisions

Business Intelligence tools like Tableau can be used to create reports that provide organizations with the insights they need to make informed decisions. Sales Ops can help you by creating the dashboards your sales team needs, as well as help leaders visualize data from Salesforce and other sales and marketing tools.

Partner with Marketing to enable sales

Marketing and sales teams must work hand-in-hand to understand their audience and create a seamless experience for clients. Marketers are known for creating great content for sales teams to use. The problem comes when salespeople don’t know what content is available or how to effectively leverage it in the sales process.

Sales Ops can drive company growth

If you want to empower your sales team with the tools, insights, and other resources needed to help them close more deals in less time, and ultimately boost your company and revenue growth, contact us and book a time. We’ll be happy to help!


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