Tableau 2020.3 - Feature Highlight

This year, we’ve already covered our top 10 new features for both Tableau 2020.1 and Tableau 2020.2 here at Empirical. And, of course, 2020.3 wouldn’t dare to be an exception!

Tableau 2020.2 - Top 10 New Features

On May 6, Tableau released their second feature update of the year. This update comes with big changes to Tableau’s data model that will improve the way we set relationships with our data as well as...

Why You Should Build a Customer-Centric Data Model [And How]

by Jami @ Empirical | December 04, 2019 | CRM, Data Models, Data Science, Data Sets

In this digital era, many organizations are becoming more and more dependent on (big) data. It’s not surprising since this increasing amount of information helps businesses manage their processes...

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