5 Use Cases For Sentiment Analysis In Marketing And Consumer Research

Paid advertising, word of mouth, Internet marketing, and so on. Marketing campaigns are as successful as their implementation and, in this digital era, these techniques have evolved up to a point...

The Best CRM for Small Businesses: Copper

by Jami @ Empirical | December 06, 2019 | CRM, AI, Small business, Copper CRM

There are dozens of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for businesses to choose from, Salesforce and HubSpot being the most popular examples, but there are others like Freshsales,...

Winter ('20) Is Coming to Salesforce

by Jami @ Empirical | August 14, 2019 | CRM, Salesforce, AI, Data Science

Valar Morghulis, Trailblazers! Are you comfortable and cozy in your Classic environment? Much like a not-to-be-named popular HBO show that just ended, Winter (‘20) is coming….and with it comes a...

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