Tableau 2020.4 - Feature Highlight

The final Tableau release of the year is here!

How to Prepare Survey Data with Tableau Prep Builder - Step-by-Step Guide

The introduction of the Tableau Prep product changed the way traditional data preparation was made in Tableau with a more visual and direct way to shape and clean data. Still, different kinds of data...

Tableau 2020.3 - Feature Highlight

This year, we’ve already covered our top 10 new features for both Tableau 2020.1 and Tableau 2020.2 here at Empirical. And, of course, 2020.3 wouldn’t dare to be an exception!

Tableau 2020.2 - Top 10 New Features

On May 6, Tableau released their second feature update of the year. This update comes with big changes to Tableau’s data model that will improve the way we set relationships with our data as well as...

Top 10 Essential Data Visualizations about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, health and humanitarian organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among others, have been...

Top 10 Free Data Set Sources To Practice Your Data Science Skills

Data scientists spend at least half of their time collecting and preparing unruly data before they can actually explore and use it. Collecting data to then clean, test and refine, is not only...

Tableau 2020.1 - Top 10 New Features

Tableau 2020.1 is here, and it has come with a lot of new improvements and functionalities, many of which are mainly focused on user experience and adding value to the platform.

6 Lessons from Human Psychology for Effective Data Visualization

We are constantly being bombarded with visual representations of data. Whether it’s a simple pie chart of the poll figures of the most popular candidate for the next presidential election, a data viz...

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