Salesforce integration with Slack - A Communication Love Story

Valentine’s Day has arrived!

Heart-shaped balloons are flying everywhere, rose decorations are filling everybody’s Instagram feeds, and handcrafted love letters are being delivered to people all over the world. You can feel the glee in the air, and you see how lots of love stories are starting their first chapter right now.

This is the perfect day for us at Empirical to tell you one of our favorite love stories: Salesforce + Slack Integration.

SF + # love tree carving

Slack and Salesforce love tree carving.

Salesforce is considered one of the best CRM platforms in the market. This is due to it being packed with features that competitors lack, like its endless customizability, powerful AI capabilities and hundreds of integrations with other services. And if there’s something you still can’t find within Salesforce’s native features, you can probably find it in the AppExchange.

The best way to use Salesforce to close more deals and increase customer satisfaction is by working as a team, and there’s no better collaboration hub for teams than Slack.

Slack is the #1 communication platform for business thanks to how intuitive and seamless it is to connect team members in every industry. Features like search, shared channels, apps and integrations, and pinned items make it the go-to option for teams around the world.

Better yet, your team happens to be using both Salesforce and Slack for work, you can integrate these platforms to work seamlessly between them!

We like to call this relationship: Slackforce.

The Slackforce integration is not new, there has been a number of updates adding more functionalities throughout the years. What hasn’t changed is the fact that there are two apps that connect them together: the Slack app for Salesforce and the Salesforce app for Slack.

This is what we call a mature relationship.


Salesforce System Administrators need to follow the instructions in the Slack for Salesforce Installation & Configuration Guide to install the Slack package in Salesforce, so members can then install the Salesforce app for Slack and connect their accounts.

Members should go to the Salesforce page in the Slack App Directory and click Add to Slack. This will lead you to the Salesforce’s app landing page. Click Add to Slack again to then authenticate your Salesforce account.

Since this is not a long-distance relationship, now it’s time to connect both your Salesforce and Slack accounts. From the Slack desktop app click Apps from the left sidebar, search for “Salesforce” and select Add to Slack. Then, follow the prompts to connect the accounts and that’s it. You should be ready to enjoy the new features added to both platforms.

Slackforce integration features

Here’s what you can do after you complete connecting both accounts:

Search Salesforce records from Slack

You can use the /salesforce command anywhere in Slack to search for Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or Tasks. You can even expand the results list if there are more than five results.


Search Salesforce records from Slack animated image

Search Salesforce records from Slack

Configure Salesforce alerts in Slack

You can configure Slack to deliver alerts when records assigned to you change. You can either create a Slack channel and configure it to post Record or Object related alerts or have notifications delivered directly to you.


Salesforce alerts in Slack

Salesforce alerts in Slack

Send messages to Salesforce or Slack

You can attach a Slack message to the Related Slack Messages component of your Salesforce Records by clicking the three dots icon and then select Add to Salesforce. Then, you’ll be able to search and select the record you want from the drop-down menu to add the message.

You can also do this vice versa by sending Salesforce Records to Slack, either to a Channel or a coworker. You should be able to see the Send to Slack button at the top of your record pages.

This relationship has mastered the art of good communication!


Now that you know how to install and use the Slackforce integration, you and your team will be able to streamline your workflow across both platforms by using both Slack and Salesforce at their full potential.

May this lovely relationship continue growing throughout the years.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers!


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