Hello World--Welcome to the Data Lady Blog

Happy 2020, new readers, and welcome to my blog. ‘Oh, great’, you’re likely thinking. Another blog. Friends, I shared your cynicism which is why I held off writing a blog for a long time.  The internet is teeming with blogs these days—what on earth could I possibly contribute to the chaos? It is my hope that we can accomplish these three things together with this blog throughout the next several months.

1. Practical Uses for Data

I admire many of the blogs my peers in the technology sphere have created. Many of them are great, thoughtful examples of how to solve complex problems and showcase a wide variety of skills. However, a lot of data blogs are geared towards fellow data scientists, analysts and those actively transforming data. We’ll cover some of that here, but I want to use this as a forum to showcase data techniques that I use most often to answer questions for my clients. We want to showcase the work that the Empirical team is doing to keep things practical, tactical and fun.

2. Technology Reviews and Suggestions

Many of our clients come to us for feedback on cloud computing and marketing technology (MarTech for the cool kids playing along at home).

Marketing technology growth

Image from Chief Marketing Technologist Blog by Scott Brinker

As this amazing graphic from our friends at Chief MarTech demonstrates, the MarTech stack is ever expanding in its complexity with new tools entering the market on a near-constant basis. Our clients constantly have questions about which tools will work best for them, drive new results, or are truly disrupting the market. We’ll use this blog as a place to add our voice to the conversation and help you discern which tools make smart sense for growing small and mid-market companies like those we serve.

3. Fun with Data

Those of you who know me personally know I love telling stories with data. I deeply, passionately LOVE data and technology and helping people solve problems. I want to showcase some of the fun, revolutionary and thought-provoking techniques we can use to make your businesses run smarter and to bring a little joy to our lives.

4. Connecting with You

Our goal in launching this blog is not to talk to ourselves, but to engage in a conversation with you, our readers. If you have suggestions for future blog posts, feel free to Tweet them to us at @Data_4_People

We've got some great content planned for you in the coming weeks and months-tutorials, reviews, guest bloggers and more big announcements. Please subscribe for updates and share this with one person who you think will enjoy our content.

My goal when starting Empirical has been to help our customers make the most of their data. What exactly does that mean? We look forward to showing you.


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Jami and the Empirical Team.